Hario Fretta Iced Coffeemaker


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Hario’s Fretta Iced Coffeemaker is a clever and effective way to capture all the flavor in your coffee. By brewing directly over ice the resulting brew is aromatic and properly diluted. While the beaker indicates 4 cups of 130ml each, the capacity of the beaker is somewhat over 600ml. The brewer consists of:

  • A high quality glass beaker, graduated in 100ml increments to 600ml
  • A frosted plastic insert for holding ice cubes. The insert has a lid
  • A brewing cone with a starter supply of 10 paper filters, #2 size
  • Carafe lid with integrated strainer
  • Measuring scoop

Brewing is a fairly simple procedure. Put ice cubes into the plastic insert filling it nearly to the top, making sure that cubes go all the way down into the tapered end; put the lid on the insert and place the insert into glass beaker. Put the filter basket on top of the ice-filled insert, use a paper filter and measure drip ground coffee into it. Pour boiling water slowly over the ground coffee bed. The brewing is complete when all the ice is melted and you fill up to the desired marking. Remove the filter and insert and put the lid on the carafe.

One scoop is suggested per cup so if following that guideline use 4 scoops ground coffee and fill until the coffee reaches the 600ml marking. When the insert is removed you should have about 520 ml of iced coffee. Serve over ice.

Hario model # VIC-7

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