Trinity ONE // Black Edition Complete Set


Available on backorder

The only coffee making kit you’ll ever need

The Trinity ONE Brew Kit is the minimalists’ ultimate dream, uniting to unleash a total of six brewing methods. Brew Gravity Press, Cold Drip, Batch Brew, French Press (Immersion), Pour Over, and ‘Espresso Style’ coffee, and go further, exploring your own creativity and inventing your own styles and recipes. The Trinity ONE was awarded a Good Design Selection award for its innovative design and advancement in coffee brewing. It boasts an elegant design solution offering a completely new approach to coffee brewing – which is also cost effective. Buy all of the other brewing devices out there.. or save spending the extra money and buy ONE.


Download the manual here, so you are well prepared to brew some of our amazing Varietals Coffee.

We are pleased to now offer our Trinity ONE and Origin Decanter together as a bundled brew kit. Explore the list of brewing possibilities:

  • Gravity Press
  • Cold Drip (up to 750ml)
  • Batch Brew (up to 750ml hands free)
  • Pour Over (Chemex 6-cup)
  • Pour Over (V60 2/3 cup)
  • Pour Over (Kalita Wave 155)
  • Pour Over (customised flow / channelling)
  • Immersion (French Press style)
  • Immersion (Hot / Cold Brew)
  • Espresso Style

Together, the list of possible brewing methods expands to make Trinity ONE the most versatile and best value all-in-one coffee brewer in the world. 


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