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Central Province

Oreti Estate

Boyce Harries

SL14, SL28 & Red Bourbon

Fully washed

1600 Meter



In the nose this coffee is very pleasant, fine and full of freshness, we found notes of milk chocolate and rose aromas. In mouth is very fruity and sweet with flavours of plum, liquorice, sugar cane and black tea.

The Harries family has been established in the town of Thika (Central Province), Kenya, since 1904 and has two plantations: Chania & Oreti. These two farms are the last remaining medium‑sized farms in Kenya and owned by Boyce Harries, 5th generation of the family.

The two farms are located on red, deep volcanic soils beside the Chania River and have nearly 80 hectares of native and planted forests to encourage biodiversity.

The Harries family has quite atypical varieties for Kenya, including SL14 and French Mission Bourbon. This family is the last to produce the SL14 variety, which was the first “SL” variety developed in Kenya. The SL28 and SL34 varieties have gradually replaced SL14 in Kenya, for their increased resistance to the climate and higher yields, the SL14 being an extremely fragile shrub.

Today the Chania and Oreti farms are planted with over 50% French Mission Bourbon. The rest consists of Ruiru 11 (resistant variety), K7 (resistant to leaf rust), SL28 (susceptible to disease but renowned for the quality of the cup) and the new variety Batian.

The farm has 40 full‑time employees, but at harvest time, up to 300 seasonal workers are required for the selection and preparation of the coffees. A nursery school was opened on the farm for the children of employees.

Oreti is a small 35‑hectare farm (still considered a large farm on the scale of Kenya). It is named after Oreti Beach in New Zealand, where Boyce’s grandfather met his grandmother. Peter Harries decided to plant 17 hectares of SL14 beside the SL28 in 1961. Although highly susceptible to disease, the family has retained this variety for its superior quality to SL28.

There are two annual crops in Kenya: the main harvest from October to December (main crop) and the small harvest from May to July (fly crop). All our Kenyan coffees come from the “main crop”, which is also the best quality.

The coffee is entirely hand‑picked and all varieties are processed on the spot. Most of the coffees are wet‑processed, but Boyce also produces natural and honey processed coffees or micro‑batches by variety.

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250 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans, 500 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans

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