Colombia -Microlot – Mateduagua – Enrique Moreno Hernández





Department: Cundinamarca, Municipality: Viotá


Enrique Moreno Hernádez

Castillo & Caturra


1400 Meter


Filter Roast

Aroma and flavor profile: High in Acidity, Crispy and Juicy, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange and Green Apple.

In October 2018, co-founder Tosca was invited to the Land of Diversity in Colombia, a contest for coffee farmers. There she cupped 66 different coffees several times. After this cupping the coffees were ranked and the top 30 coffees were auctioned on the last day of this event. Because this was one of her favorite coffees, she decided to buy this coffee without hesitation. Her husband and co-founder Jan was not aware of this business decision, but after tasting this coffee when the shipment arrived, he was convinced Tosca did the right thing. Buy an excellent coffee and building relationship with the producer.

Enrique has been a coffee grower for more than 40 years. He grew up in the farm where his parents used to grow coffee. He is from Viotá, Cundinamarca one of the oldest coffee growing municipalities in Colombia.

Enrique started working in the farm when he was very young, learning all the processes from his father. Enrique has two sons and one daughter and all of them are involved in the farm business.

His oldest son, Jefferson Enrique started his passion for coffee processing since he was a kid. He used to help Enrique in every process. They are conscious that specialty coffee is the future of coffee producing and to be able to guarantee this, Enrique decided to enter to a cupping school. Both of them decided which lot they wanted to present to the Contest Colombia Land of Diversity.

For the lot that they presented, they did a selective picking with only red-purple cherries. They depulped the same day and left for fermentation for 20-22 hours. They use a tool called fermaestro to know at which point the fermentation process was done, to be able to wash without any risk of fermentation. They do selection of floating beans to guarantee that every bean is healthy. Then, the coffee was dried for almost a month in a parabolic drier.

Enrique has empowered his family to work in coffee as his father did with him. They want to keep producing specialty coffee, learning of new processing techniques and checking cup quality before selling the coffee. 

*parabolic beds are waist high drying racks fitted with screens to allow airflow around the whole bean (Parabolic beds are covered in plastic).

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Weight N/A

250 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans, 500 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans

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