Colombia -Microlot – El Turpial – Yadile Mora Arenas

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Department: Tolima, Municipality: Anzoátegui

El Turpial

Yadile Mora Arenas



1711 Meter


Filter & Espresso Roast

Aroma and flavor profile: Brown Sugar, Molasses, Floral Notes (Jasmin), Caramel, Blackberry, Raspberry and Blueberry.

Yadile comes from a coffee growing family in the Tolima department in the central area of Colombia. She is the third generation of coffee producers that have been working the same farm. When Yadile was 16 years old, her father decided to give her part of the farm, a 3-hectare area was for her for to start getting involved in coffee production.

Her father taught her all the agronomical practices and all the post-harvest process to produce high quality coffee. Her family has been the biggest support and motivation to produce coffee, the product that they have produced for many years.

Yadile decided to study finance and go back to the farm, to apply all her knowledge in coffee production. Yadile is 26 years now and is dedicated to the farm. She is passionate for nature, coffee and animal. She is convinced that young people are the ones that have to generate development in rural regions.

In October 2018, co-founder Tosca was invited to the Land of Diversity in Colombia, a contest for coffee farmers. There she cupped 66 different coffees several times. After this cupping the coffees were ranked and the top 30 were auctioned on the last day of this event. Because this was her favorite coffee, she decided to buy this coffee without hesitation. Her husband and co-founder Jan was not aware of this business decision, but after tasting this coffee when the shipment arrived, he was convinced Tosca did the right thing. Buy an excellent coffee and building relationship with the producer.

The process that she did to the microlot she presented in the contest Colombia Land of Diversity, started with a perfect picking of only full ripe cherries. The coffee was left in cherries for 12 hours before depulping for stabilization. Then coffee was depulped and left for fermentation for 18-20 hours. The drying process was done in parabolic dryers* for 10 days.

They hire 6 pickers for the harvest time, that is concentrated in May – July.

The name of the farm is El Turpial, name of a bird. Yadile and her husband are passionate for birds and they decided to name the farm because of one of the most beautiful birds that visit often the farm.

*parabolic beds are waist high drying racks fitted with screens to allow airflow around the whole bean (Parabolic beds are covered in plastic).

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250 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans, 500 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans, 500 grams Espresso Roast Coffee Beans, 250 grams Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

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