Guatemala – Huehuetenango – Microlot – Manrique Lopez






Manrique Lopez



1400 – 1650 Meter


Filter Roast

Aroma and flavor profile: Black Tea, Cherry, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Herb-like, Jasmine, Lemon, Ripe Red Fruit.

In the tropical forests of northern Guatemala, in its highest mountainous part, where the average annual temperature does not exceed +20 degrees, the nature itself creates ideal conditions for the growth of coffee trees. Stable rainfall allow coffee cherries to gain sugar and amino acids during almost the entire aging period.

Mr. Manrique Lopez, a hereditary coffee producer, carefully protects his trees and always personally controls the harvest. In the pickers’ baskets there are only ripe “cherries”, giving sweet, raisin and citrus notes to each cup of a magnificent drink.

Combining the whims of nature and the daily work of farmers, Mr. Manrique Lopez has conducted a successful experiment in the past 10 years at fighting the most terrible disease of coffee trees – Roy, which destroys entire plantations. This disease is a real nightmare for farmers all over the world.

Mr. Manrique Lopez created mini ant farm on his plantation who destroy the aphid insect, which is a spore transporter. For the past ten years the morbidity of the coffee trees reduced by 80 percent, which certainly advantage the tree growth, better harvest and quality of the cherries.

Extra info:


  • Trees age: 7-15 years
  • Soil: alkaline-clay
  • Amount of rainfall: 2200 mm
  • Drying system: patio
  • Time of drying: 16 days

Additional information

Weight N/A

250 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans, 500 grams Filter Roast Coffee Beans

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