Costa Rica – Nanolot – La Guaria – Ismael Navarro

From: 8.50



Costa Rica


La Guaria

Ismael Navarro

Caturra & Red Catuai

Fully Washed

1700 meter

SHB, Screen 16

Direct Trade

Filter or Espresso Roast

Aroma and flavor profile: Crispy and Juicy Acidity, Orange, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Brown Spice and Brown Sugar.

Ismael is 70 years old, better known under the nickname of “Melo”. He has been in the coffee production since he was a Little kid. His first contact with coffee was due to his grandfather, who encouraged him to work hard to have his own coffee farm.

Back in 50’s, Melo used to go to school in the morning and to the coffee plantation in the afternoon. He used to pick coffee and also helped his grandpa to measure the coffee of the day from the pickers. He loved taking the coffee to the recieving station.

La Guaria farm was acquired 40 years ago. It is probably one of the first properties Melo bought. Melo has 3 sons and 1 daughter, only one son and daughter help him with the coffee activity. Melo likes to experiment with new, productive and high quality varieties.

Ismael is a very easy going man, loved for many people in Tarrazu. He supports his community helping economically local schools and also hiring people at his coffee farms. His plans for the future are buying more land and plant more coffee. Always being careful on choosing the right material in terms of production, quality and disease resistance.

He is very proud of himself because he was able to buy these properties (200 acres) by just working very hard since he was young. One of his biggest worries is not only the low prices but also the vulnerability of the coffee to roya fungus.

In conclusión, he seems very positive and clear on keeping up the coffee production, firstly for his passion and secondly because with his quality the activity is worth it. That’s why we like working with him, now and in the future.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg

Espresso, Filter


250 grams coffee beans, 500 grams Coffee Beans

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