The Art of Coffee

Modern Roastery

We use two state of the art Loring coffee roaster for our coffees. These roast machines enables us to precise control our process. We use Cropster software for helping with roast consistent results, efficiently organise our roastery and better understanding our coffee quality. With our two roast machines we can provide high quality coffee from 1 up to 30 Kg. per batch. We do not have roasted coffee in stock, all our coffees are roasted on demand.

Varietals Coffee

Our filosophy

Varietals coffee is the result of twenty years we spent in the coffee industry.

Every impression and experience we have collected during those years are being summed up into Varietals Coffee.

We believe in doing everything to the best of our abilities. If our abilities aren’t yielding an exceptional result, we improve upon them.

We put tremendous effort into sourcing unique and exciting coffees.

All our coffees are roasted on demand.





We focuses on roasting exceptional and occasionally experimental processings. That is what we like to do, it is our profession, passion, and ambition.

Our coffee is Relationship Coffee.

Jan Schuitemaker
Tosca Schuitemaker-Kreike


Varietals Coffee


Varietals Coffee offers it’s coffee to businesses including fine dining restaurants, hotels, caterers, espresso and coffee bars and a host of other firms that desire the finest and freshest coffee available in the market today. Our goal is to help you to prepare and serve the best coffee possible for your establishment. Whether you are starting a new business or your current coffee program is in need of change, we are here to help. 

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