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Varietals Coffee

BREWGEAR.store Dripper and Server Set

The Dripper and Server Set is a double wall Stainless Steel manual pour-over coffee maker.


BREWGEAR.store Dripper and server set – Scale with timer – Grinder – Filtered Water – Water Boiler/Kettle – Hario V60 no. 1 Paper Filter – Pouring Kettle – Varietals Coffee – 2 cups.


Heat water to 95 degrees celsius. When done, pour the water in your Gooseneck Kettle.

Weight 15 grams of Varietals Coffee, grind it course between a V60 and a French Press.

Put the adapter ring on top of the coffee server. Place the coffee dripper on top of the adapter ring.

Place one paper filter in the coffee dripper, rinse it with hot water and discard the water from the coffee serve.

Place the complete dripper set on the scale.

Add your 15 grams of ground Varietals Coffee to the paper filter. Tare your scale.

Start your timer, then slowly, within 20 seconds, pour 50 grams of heated water over the coffee to let it bloom.

After 40 seconds, continue pouring, within 20 seconds, in slow circular movements until the scale read 150 grams.

Around 1:20 minute continue pouring, within 20 seconds, in slow circular movements until the scale read 250 grams.

After finish pouring, wait untill all the water passed through the coffee, the entire brew should take around 3 minutes. Adapt the grinder to achieve this goal.

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