The Moccamaster is unique, it will keep the brewing temperature constant throughout the entire process, which is why it’s the best tool for batch brewing coffee. We are proud that this brewer was invented by a Dutchman named Gerard-Clement Smit, all the way back in the sixties.


Moccamaster – Scale – Grinder – Grinder – Varietals Coffee – Spoon – Filter No.4 (bleached is best) – mugs

Brew Ratio : 55-60 grams coffee for 1000 ml. water.



1) Weigh the correct amount of coffee for your recipe, then grind it on a medium/coarse setting (most of the time the middle of your setting scale).

2) Fill the tank with correct amount of water for your recipe. (avoid using the Moccamaster glass pot to fill the water reservoir, you can contaminate it with old coffee).

3) Place the filter in the basket, and rinse the filter and basket with hot water. Discard the water.

4) Pour your ground coffee into the filter, and place the basket in the machine.

5) Switch on your machine, relax, and let the Moccamaster do it’s job.

6) When your Varietals Coffee is finished brewing, serve it and enjoy!

7) Serve the Varietals Coffee and share your experience with us on social media with #VarietalsCoffee

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