Brazil – Fazenda Jaguara & Fazenda Vitória – Blend

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Campo das Vertentes (São João Del Rey)

Fazenda Jaguara & Fazenda Vitória

André Luiz Garcia, Natalia Moreira, Ernane Vilela Lima, Rubem Carlos Lima, and Luciano Ribeiro Lima

Yellow Catuai & Acaia


1100 Meter

Screen 16/18

Direct Trade

Espresso Roast

Aroma and flavor profile: Nutty, Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, Lemon, Sweet and Sugary, Syrupy.

Blending coffee is a fine art that marries coffee beans from different farms to enhance the best qualities of each. We choose coffees that complement each other with a delicate, matching, say, a coffee with higher citrus acidity and light body to one with smooth chocolate notes and full, velvety mouth feel.


Jaguara farm had its beginning from a three-friend trip (Antonio Wander, Rubem Carlos and Rubem Murilo ) in 2001, when they planted the first coffee trees in Campo das Vertentes region. The name of the farm is due an important Quilombola community, named Jaguara. The farm is situated next to São João Del Rey, a very important historic town in the colonisation of Brazil and famous due to the gold extraction and have never had tradition in the coffee culture.

With a predominance of nice mountains at high altitudes the coffee trees have adapted very well from planting. In 2015, there was the first quality evaluation of the produced coffee which were identified intense flavours of yellow fruit. Agriculture is part of the family history, where his grandfather, Alexander Capelo Garcia was small a coffee producer, and his father, Antonio Wander Rafael Garcia was an IBC researcher Agronomist in the area of fertility and nutrition and dedicated his whole life to know and produce coffee. Nowadays the farm belongs to André Luiz, the son of Antonio Wander, who bought the part from of Rubem Murilo and Rubens Carlos. André Luiz Garcia is also an agronomist , researcher at Procafé Foundation specialised in pruning and produce. Andre is married with Natalia Moreira, that is a coffee Q-grader and Trader of Cafebras. Natalia gives Andre’s support on the quality of the farm and they made coffee experiments together every year to try to innovate and develop new coffee profiles. Throughout this story with the coffee cultivation, the family remained united in this activity that generated prosperity not only to them but also to all who have been connected, always seeking respect, humility and dignity . The soil type of farm is red/yellow, volcanic with medium texture typical of the savanna region.


Coffee farming has been in the family for over 100 years, passing from generation to generation. Ernane Vilela and his family continued the coffee process. In 1994, Ernane and his brother Rubem Carlos graduated in Agronomy and were able to give greater assistance in the farm.

In 1999 they bought Vitoria farm with the intention of producing high quality coffee, conciliating with the region of favorable altitude.

Over time they have been improving, seeking improvements and growth, prioritising less aggressive resources to the environment.

He has a true passion for coffee, and despite all the difficulties that exist in the coffee market, he has the motivation to achieve the recognition of his work with love and dignity.

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500 grams Espresso Roast Coffee Beans, 250 grams Espresso Roast Coffee Beans

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